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Recent Books on Italian Art & Architecture

P茅ter Bokody. The Imagery and Politics of Sexual Violence in Early Renaissance Italy. Cambridge: , 2023.

Karen J. Lloyd. Art, Patronage, and Nepotism in Early Modern Rome. New York: , 2023.

Lisa M. Rafanelli. Michelangelo’s Vatican Piet脿 and its Afterlives. Abington, New York: , 2023.

Jennifer S. Griffiths. Marisa Mori and the Futurists: A Woman Artist in the Age of Fascism. London and New York: , 2023.

Diana Bullen Presciutti. Saints, Miracles, and Social Problems in Italian Renaissance Art. New York and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023.聽

Tamara Smithers. The Cults of Raphael and Michelangelo: Artistic Sainthood and Memorials as a Second Life.聽London: Routledge, 2023.

Liana Cheney. Barbara Longhi of Ravenna: Art, Grace and Piety. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2023.

Denise M. Budd and Lynn Catterson, eds. Italy for Sale: Alternative Objects – Alternative Marks.聽Leiden: Brill, 2023.

Alison Locke Perchuk; translated by Riccardo Cristiani. Il monastero medievale di Sant’Elia: una storia in pittura e pietra. Miscellanea 74. Rome: Societ脿 Romana di Storia Patria, 2023.

This book project was supported by a 2020 黑丝国产在线 Research and Publication Grant.

This book was awarded the 2024 Karen Gould Prize in Art History from the Medieval Academy of America.

Adelina Modesti.聽Elisabetta Sirani. London/Los Angeles: Lund Humphries/Getty Publications, 2023.

Antje Gamble.聽Cold War American Exhibitions of Italian Art and Design: 鈥淚taly at Work: Her Renaissance in Design Today鈥. New York: Routledge, 2023.

Diane Cole Ahl.聽Painting in Fifteenth-Century Italy: This Splendid and Noble Art. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2023.

Laura Morelli. The Last Masterpiece. New York: Harper Collins (William Morrow), 2023.

Amy Neff. A Soul’s Journey: Franciscan Art, Theology, and Devotion in the Supplicationes Variae. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2019.

Yvonne Elet.聽Urban Landscape in the Third Rome: Raphael’s Villa and Mussolini’s Forum. Florence: Edifir/Edizioni Firenze, 2023.

Recent Articles on Italian Art & Architecture

no cover

Andrew Chen. “Five Invisible Lines, Before and After the Reformation.” Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 77/78 (2022): 214-232.

Erin Giffin. “Exceeding Expectations: Antonio Begarelli, His female Patrons, and the Misunderstood Materialities of White Terracotta,” in The Materiality of Terracotta Sculpture in Early Modern Europe, edited by Zuzanna Sarnecka and Agnieszka Dziki, 238-259. New York and London: Routledge, 2023

no cover

Lynn Catterson. “Warburg, Bardini & Ghirlandaio.” In Rooms with a View. Aby Warburg, Florence and the Laboratory of Images / Camere con vista. Aby Warburg, Firenze e il laboratorio delle immagini. Florence, Giunti, 2023.

Lynn Catterson. 鈥淪tefano Bardini鈥檚 Sculptor from Philadelphia: A.E. Harnisch & the Manufacture of Italian Renaissance Sculpture in the late 19C.鈥澛Predella.it 51 (2023): 53-86.

Adelina Modesti. 鈥淟avinia Fontana and Elisabetta Sirani.鈥 In聽Observations: Women in Art and Design History, 16-23.聽 Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 2023.

Adelina Modesti. 鈥淟a committenza di Elisabetta Sirani: i Medici ed il loro entourage..鈥 In聽Elisabetta Sirani, pittrice nella Bologna del ‘600, edited by Sergio Bianchi, 9-29. exh. cat. Vignola & Spilamberto (MO), Italy and Spilamberto: Ossimoro Galleria d’Arte, 2022.

William R. Levin. 鈥”Indications for a Franciscan Role in the Philanthropic Activities of the Early Florentine Misericordia”.鈥澛Explorations in Renaissance Culture聽49, no. 1 (2023): 1-56.

Martha Dunkelman. 鈥淓xport/Import: Italian Plaster Casts Come to the United States.鈥 In Italy for Sale: Alternative Objects – Alternative Markets, edited by Denise M. Budd and Lynn Catterson, 13-43.聽 Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2023

Livia Lupi. 鈥淏rick and Mortar, Paint and Metal: Architecture and Craft in Renaissance Florence and Beyond.鈥澛Architectural Histories Special Collection 鈥 Intersecting Practices: Architecture and the Visual Arts in Early Modern Europe – Italy and the Netherlands聽11 (1) (2023): 1-35.

no cover

Adelina Modesti. “‘Una persona dependente alla Serenissima Gran Duchessa”: Female Embroiderers and Lacemakers between the courts of Florence and France.” In聽Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe, c. 1450-1700.聽Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2021.

Angelo Lo Conte. “A visual testament by Luca Riva, a deaf and mute pupil of the Procaccini.” In聽Renaissance Studies聽36, issue 2 (2022): 222-251.

Steven J. Cody, “Aim茅 Mpane鈥檚 ‘Nude’: A Body that Questions,” in Zeitschrift f眉r Kunstgeschichte 86 (2023): 533-548.

Lynn Catterson. 鈥淲arburg, Bardini & Ghirlandaio.鈥 In聽Rooms with a View. Aby Warburg, Florence and the Laboratory of Images / Camere con vista. Aby Warburg, Firenze e il laboratorio delle immagini, Galleria degli Uffizi and Firenze: Giunti, 2023, 197-199.

Cristelle Baskins. 鈥溾淭he 鈥楺ueen of Algiers鈥: An Enterprising Renegade in the Rome of Sixtus V,鈥.鈥 In聽Non-Elite Women’s Networks Across the Early Modern World, edited by Elizabeth Storr Cohen and Marlee J. Couling, 61-82.聽 Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2023.

William R. Levin. 鈥淭he Date of the Allegory of Mercy at the Misericordia in Florence…Again: Some Clarifications Regarding the Historical Setting.鈥澛Art Inquiries聽18, no. 4 (2023): 246-268.

Charles Burroughs. 鈥淩aphael At Court, but Not Altogether of It..鈥 Iconocrazia: Journal of Art and Politics聽24 (2023): 37-61.

Livia Lupi. 鈥淏rick and Mortar, Paint and Metal: Architecture and Craft in Renaissance Florence and Beyond.鈥澛Architectural Histories 11 (1) (2023).

Tommaso Zerbi. 鈥溾淭he Making of Italy (through the Ephemeral): The First Italian Parliament between State Building, 鈥楻isorgimental Neo-Medievalism鈥, and Glorification of the House of Savoy鈥.鈥 In聽Brill鈥檚 Companion to Italian Constitutional History: The House of Savoy and the Making of the Nation-State, 1804鈥1925, edited by Carolina Armenteros and Andrea Ungari, 120鈥152.聽 Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2023.

Tommaso Zerbi. 鈥淎 Home in Rome: Villa Mills and the Palatine Hill.鈥澛Papers of the British School at Rome聽91 (2023): pp. 185鈥239.

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